Wednesday, April 18, 2007


From left "FMI Director" Rene Vergara, "FMI member" Jun Palad, Myself FMI President: Marites A. Castillo, Mrs. Cecile Suda "MOBIL Manager, Public & Government Affairs", Mr. Angelo Villagomez "Member/FMI Adviser", Ms. Rina Manabat "FMI Secretary", AJ "A Beautify CNMI member". This check amount of $2.500.00 that we recieved today from Exxon Mobil donation to MOVER. Friends of the Mariana Islands FMI is the successor group to MOVER in all matter Environmental. We thank you very much Mrs. Suda and Exxon Mobil Oil for your big support. We make sure to use the money for the purposes for which it was donated.

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