Saturday, October 11, 2008

Link to the Friends of the Monument blog

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The federal workshops on Saipan are just over one week away! There are ways that you can help to support the monument. Click HERE for more information.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

FMI Members updated

Name - Position
Marites Aquino Castillo - President/Chairwoman
Radino S. Garcia - BOD Secretary
Presila Emiliana Ramboanga - Treasurer
Melecia P. Marquez - Business Manager
Maria Lourdes Bansil - Auditor
Francisco Flores Jr. - Marshall
Leonides Bansagan - BOD Member
Camilo Laoeng - BOD Member
Rene A. Vergara - BOD Member
Francisco Flores Jr. - BOD Member
Ruben Bachicha - BOD Member/Spiritual Advisor
William P. Matson - BOD Member/Special Advisor
Angelo O. Villagomez - Special Advisor
Rosalinda Adams - Spiritual Advisor
Lewie Adams - Spiritual Advisor
Ciaralyn C. Apostol - Member
Aden Albior - Member
Rey A. Castillo - Member
Teresita David - Member
Charina Manabat - Member
Diomedes Nartea - Member
July Ann Nartea - Member
Carl Jomel Nartea - Member
Lilia Pagaduan - Member
Lynda Perez - Member
Joan Santos - Member
Federico Tamayo - Member
Queenie Tamayo - Member
Yvis tamayo - Member
Teresita A. Vergara - Member
Ermilita Fernandez - Member
Kaela Mae Milliano - Member
Salvador Sellabe Jr. - Member
Venus Acera - Member
Nieves Casta - Member
Armando G. Paramio - Member
Roberto P. Castillo - Member
Betty Aquino Matson - Member

FMI Environmental Project for 2008