Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

FMI member worked hard to removed all the debris

One of the two large drainage's that have revomed the debris

Twelve Drainage's and fifth weekend

Four of the large drainage culverts in this area of Tun Joaquin Doi Rd were covered with tall grass and the drainage's was also full of debris. As we all can see in the above pictures before and during the clearing process now the drainge has been cleared although before the work you could not even see the concrete barriers that stand close to three feet above the culverts.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

FMI-Mobil 2nd weekend Drainage Cleanup Project

Opsss! Mely is really having fun while doing the worked. This is what FMI all about happy!

FMI volunteers really worked hard into that day by fulling the long grass along the drainage at Tun Joaquin Doi Street.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

FMI Volunteers

This is one of the three drainage's that we had finish last Sunday. As we can see here at the picture, there's no more soul and grass that covering the hole of the drainage. Water can now flow to the drainage's easily.
It's good to see the road really clear and clean! We thank you Mobil for funding this project without your financial support this will not be possible.

Camilo and Radino (both FMI Director member's) work very hard to cut the tall grasses by using bush cutter along the road of Tun Joaquin Doi going down to Chalan Kanoa.

Members of the Friends of the Mariana Islands are working hard for the Drainage's Project funded by Mobil Oil Mariana Islands Inc.

Two FMI Volunteers have worked on each drainages

Mr. Jun Flores (FMI Director member) also worked hard in to the 3rd drainage's and i think this drainage is one of the most deep to dig. Mr. Flores have really spent 5 hours just for this one drainage

Mr. Angelo Villagomez (FMI special advisor) have really worked hard to clean one of the Drainage last Sunday. (Thank you very much Mr. Villagomez)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

FMI, Mobil Project before start the work

Now as we can see here only the grass was been removed on this drainage, we are still gonna continue to work in this drainage area next week on Saturday morning.

This is what the drainage looked like before the work start yesterday morning Sunday (1-6-08). It's really hard worked because the drainage's is deep, it's cover with soul and grass. We had to removed all of the above from the drainage.

FMI 2007-2008 Mobil Project

The FMI was pleased to begin the Drainage Cleanup Project funded by MOBIL at Tun Joaquin Doi Street, going down to CK this last Sunday. Funding donated by MOBIL were recieved right after X-mas (what a great present) and we were able to put the funds to use right after all the holidays during the first Sunday in 2008. As you can see by some of the pictures that we are posting the Project was very much needed and the community needs to thank MOBIL for providing the funds that make it possible for the volunteers of the Friends of the Mariana Islands to cleanup the large drainage area. Though it will take several Saturdays and Sundays to finish the job as you can see by some of the other pictures we posted even on this first day of cleanup and with six and a half hours of work our volunteers "made a dent". We are always ready to have new people show up and volunteer some of their time to projects like this. We will be at this site again next Saturday and Sunday at about 8:00 AM and will be there until about 3:00 PM. On behalf of FMI we would like to thanks Mr. Angelo Villagomez (our advisor) and Ms. Eunjung Lee for joining us today for the Mobil Drainage cleanup project.