Tuesday, September 30, 2008

FMI members at work

Airport Road

Ang aming samahang Friends of the Mariana Islands ay nagsimula na namang muli sa pangatlong project na ini-award ng MObil Oil Mariana Islands, Inc. Lubos ang aming pasasalamat sa tiwala at suporta na ibinibigay ng Mobil sa aming grupo at ganon din nagpapasalamat kami kay Mrs. Cecile B. Suda sa walang sawang pagsuporta niya sa aming environmental na gawain. Mabuhay po ang Mobil at FMI!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mobil funds a 2008 Drainage Clearage Proposal From Friends of the Mariana Islands (FMI)

For the third year in a row the FMI has demonstrated its ability to carryout cleanup projects on the Island of saipan in a rapid and efficient manner and as such has been funded again by Mobil Oil Mariana Islands, Inc. to undertake yet another project. The FMI project is located along Isa Drive, from Airport Road up through to the Botanical Garden. Beginning this weekend the FMI will start cleaning all of the drainage areas connected to the ISA Drive starting first in the Botanical Garden area. We ask the public to be extra vigilant in the ISA Drive Road and please watch out for the FMI members volunteer who are cleaning and clearing these areas of our Island. All members of the public are invited to assist in the efforts this weekend.

Thanks to the news paper and the public in general for your cooperation.

We would like to Thank Mobil Oil Mariana Islands, Inc. for the untiring support to the FMI Group!

Monday, September 15, 2008

FMI Pictured during cleanup at Garapan

Gitna mismo ng kalsada sa Garapan Tourist District
Ang nasa larawan siya walanang iba kunde ang aming spiritual advisor at isa rin sa aming BOD member. Brother Ruben Bachicha

Ikinagagalak naming ipakilala ang aming mga bagong membro sila Ginoong Jr. at Ginang Rose. Kuha ito noong Linggo araw ng aming paglilinis sa may Garapan along the Drainage tabe mismo ng Garapan Elem. School

Friday, September 12, 2008

FMI Garapan Tourist District monthly cleanup!

Calling all people in the CNMI who would like to give their time for community service! On behalf of our group Friends of the Mariana Islands (FMI), we would like to invite you all to our Beautify CNMI! monthly cleanup. If anyone is interested please come and join us this coming Sunday (9/14/08), will be meeting at the Memorial Park, Parking area around 8:00 A.M. Bring your Family, Friends and let's all volunteer for the purpose of a good environment in the CNMI!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stop Turtle Poaching in the Marianas

I received this message from MINA today:
NOAA needs your help. NOAA is offering Rewards for Information on Sea Turtle Poaching!!!!

NOAA’s Fisheries Service Office of Law Enforcement is offering up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of persons poaching endangered sea turtles in the Territory of Guam and in the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands.

Turtle poaching is an ongoing problem in the Guam area. In recent months, NOAA special agents have investigated cases involving the sale and consumption of meat and eggs of protected sea turtles.

Turtle experts believe that turtle poaching is a significant contributing factor to the reduction of indigenous sea turtle populations around the Pacific islands.

The Endangered Species Act of 1973 protects all six species of sea turtles in the United States. Endangered species include the indigenous Green Sea Turtle and the Hawksbill Sea Turtle, which are commonly found in and around Guam and the Northern Marianas Islands. Under the ESA and its corresponding regulations, it is illegal to take, possess, sell, deliver, receive, import, export, carry, transport, or ship any endangered species. A violation of the Endangered Species Act can result in civil penalties of up to $25,000, and criminal fines of up to $100,000 and imprisonment up to one year.

Anyone with information is asked to call one of the following numbers:

Special Agent Charles Raterman (Guam) 671-472-7200
Pacific Islands Division (Honolulu, HI) 808-541-2727
Office for Law Enforcement - National Hotline: 800-853-1964
Guam Customs & Quarantine Service - MITF: 671-475-6331
Guam Division of Aquatics and Wildlife – DAWR: 671-735-3991
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service - Guam 671-647-6064
NOAA understands and predicts changes in the Earth’s environment, from the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun, and conserves and manages our coastal and marine resources.

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