Friday, August 3, 2007



I must respond to the Article in the July 28, 2007 MAHARLIKA edition regarding MOVER Inc. As President of MOVER Inc. during 2006-2007 (the time frame that MOVER Inc. won the most prestigious environmental awards), I can not help but inform the community that those members of MOVER Inc. during that time frame who worked on cleanup projects were all given personal awards from the USDA and that none of the current MOVER members, including the President, V-Presidents, or Chairman of the Board receive any of those awards. However, all the members of the FRIENDS OF THE MARIANA ISLANDS (FMI) who were in MOVER Inc. during 2006-2007 received the awards. This means that those who worked all became members of FRIENDS OF THE MARIANA ISLANDS (FMI) while those who did not work remained in MOVER. It is interesting that those that did not work needed a rest, while those that did work continue to do so under FRIENDS OF THE MARIANA ISLANDS (FMI) and continue to receive awards in 2007, Including GOVERNOR'S BEAUTIFY CNMI ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARD AWARD.

It also should be known by the community that the formal reason that the majority of the members of MOVER Inc. voted in March 2007 to dissolved MOVER Inc. was caused by the actions of the then Chairwoman of the Board Miles Fernandez. As chairwoman of the board in 2006 she did nothing but to create problem in MOVER Inc. and she took actions against the wishes of the majority of MOVER Inc. members and in violation of the By-Laws of the Organization. Her actions resulted in a vote to remove her as chairwoman and to dissolved MOVER Inc. as a corporation. In fact, unless there has been a change in the last couple of weeks, MOVER Inc. does not officially exist as an Organization with a current Business Licence. One more thing, in the By-Laws of MOVER Inc. (article IV; section 2) you must be 6 consecutive months active members of the Corporation and have a good moral character. I ask you, does an officer who violates the wishes of the majority of the members and violates the By-Laws have a good moral character? Who among of the current MOVER Inc. officers, board of the directors, or members have six consecutive month's active members? Not even one! the majority of the members with six consecutive months of active service in MOVER Inc. 2006-2007 are those who formed the FRIENDS OF THE MARIANA ISLANDS (FMI). Put that on the records.

Miles Fernandez by publicly naming me and accusing me for forming the FRIENDS OF THE MARIANA ISLANDS (FMI), you will be responsible for what you have said and done. I have a positive public name, unlike you! If you want publicity don't use me or my name because I have DIGNITY ang INTEGRITY. I don't like people who are users like you. I became what i am, not because of the other people, but because of my accomplishments.

Marites Aquino Castillo
FMI President
A Proud Partner of Beautify CNMI!


Wilfred said...

People in the CNMI, including the United states of America knows how good person you are, and no one can ever put you down Marites. Keep up the good work!

Lyn said...

Just continue what your doing and we all know that you're better than them. God Bless you and your group always.

Margarit said...

Cheers! wonderful letter. I love it Marites! It is the right time to let people knows who they really are. They are nothing but to create problem to the Filipino Community.

From: Guam, U.S.A.

Lorie said...

I am really proud of you Girl, you've done so much for the community and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You really deserved the USDA Earth Team Leader Group National award !!!

Lorie of Saipan

Jims said...

Miles Fernandez, who she is? She's nothing conpared to you Marites. Don't waste your energy for that nonsense person.