Sunday, August 12, 2007

A group of friendly and happy people

A group pictureKeyla, Ms.Juanita, Adam, and Mely at the picture BEAUTIFY CNMI!!!
Friends of the Mariana Islands (FMI) did the cleanup @ ISA Drive this morning (from San Vicente Elem. School to Botanical Garden Papago) together with the Staffs of Represintative Cinta Kaipat, Dennis Cabrera and Kyle Kaipat, Ms. Juanita Fajardo, Adam Sablan, Beverly, and Chora Talo group. From the bottom of our hearts thank you everyone for helping us today on our cleanup.


Mark said...

You're the people who cares for the Island, but it seems that so many of the Filipino group does not even care for the beautification that you guys have been doing for so many months. I think those other Filipino like Dekada, all they care is getting the Citizenship. US Congres should see this blog of FMI and they should really think carefully before they do anything about the law. I don't really think those people of Dekada deserve it.

Marites said...

My understanding is when i signed my 1st contract with my employer is only for my Job and only for 1 year contract, but it happened that they keep me for so many years beacuse of my performance. I don't see any promise for Citizenship or permanent job. Yes, we are the group of people that care for the Island and we are proud that we also earn the respect of the people in the CNMI.