Saturday, July 21, 2007

Coming to our senses

Repentance occurs when we come to the point where we become open to receiving the help that God longs to give us. To repent is to face up to our problem as well as the fact that we cannot do anything about solving it. One way the bible describes repentance is "coming to our senses", clearly showing the madness of our trying to solve things on our own. The first time we repent is often the worst and the best. It's the worst because the sin, pain and illusions are their strongest. It's also the best because there's no joy in the world like the joy of having been freshly forgiven. But repentance is not just a once-and-for-all experience of a moment. For those who come to know God, it's a way of life. It has to be because sin and self are not easily displaced at the center of our lives. And, more important, our deepening desire for intimacy with God makes us more sensitive to sin, not less. So whether it is the new believer or the old, the meaning is the same. Repentance brought us to Christ in the first place and repentance will keep on bringing us back. To know God is to know the light of his presence. It is to know that there is nowhere left to hide. But to those beyond running repentance means the promise of intimacy as well as the melting away of fear in the light of love.

Jesus is ruler over all time and space, but he limited himself to enter human history at one moment of time and one certain place-both foretold by prophecy. The time God chose for my being on earth is significant. From him comes my awareness of the anguish caused in our century. From him comes my responsibility as a world citizen and prayer warrior.

Lord, i pray for this people, and it's problems can seem so overwhelming and complicated. Help us to know what and how to pray through your Spirit. Amen.

Masarap ang pakiramdam na sa isang araw ay maibahagi ko ang mga natutunan ko sa mga taong malalapit sa aking PUSO, at sana mayron din kayong mapulot na aral sa aking mga ibinahaging ito. Nawa'y pagpalain po tayong lahat.
Maraming salamat po!

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