Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mobil funds a 2008 Drainage Clearage Proposal From Friends of the Mariana Islands (FMI)

For the third year in a row the FMI has demonstrated its ability to carryout cleanup projects on the Island of saipan in a rapid and efficient manner and as such has been funded again by Mobil Oil Mariana Islands, Inc. to undertake yet another project. The FMI project is located along Isa Drive, from Airport Road up through to the Botanical Garden. Beginning this weekend the FMI will start cleaning all of the drainage areas connected to the ISA Drive starting first in the Botanical Garden area. We ask the public to be extra vigilant in the ISA Drive Road and please watch out for the FMI members volunteer who are cleaning and clearing these areas of our Island. All members of the public are invited to assist in the efforts this weekend.

Thanks to the news paper and the public in general for your cooperation.

We would like to Thank Mobil Oil Mariana Islands, Inc. for the untiring support to the FMI Group!

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